Sue Mydliak

About Me...

Sue Mydliak was born and raised in Flint, Michigan.  Writing was not her favorite thing to do, her hobby was drawing, which through the years has grown to such success that some of her pieces have been published and sold.  You can see her published art in MIssissippi Crow Magazine, and at the Lockport Street Gallery,  

It wasn't until Harry Potter movie first came out that she began her writing.  She became a member of Godrics Hollow, a role play site, that she wrote her first short story involving the characters from Harry Potter.  Her piece got over three hundred hits.  Since then, her writing has taken off with her first piece, a flash fiction, The Clearing.  This was published in MIssissippi Crow Magazine, Issue 7, and she has had several other flash fiction and poetry  published with them.

She just recently had her first novel, Birthright, published through Vamplit Publishing,, and is also the Artistic Director for them, designing book covers.

You can visit Sue's blog at

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